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Decent quality monitors for the Korg D888:

Behringer TRUTH B2030A

Yamaha MSP5A active nearfield monitors

Roland DS-7 active monitors

Mission SM6A

Tannoy Precision 8D

Mackie HR824 Active Studio Monitor

Korg D888 Description

Combined 8 track mixer and 8 track digital recording studio, with onboard 40GB hard disk. As it's your mixer you can keep all your sources permanently connected. When the inspiration grabs you, start recording quickly without the delay of messing about with cables, your PC/laptop or some other recording device.

Boasts high quality electronics, and records in bulky but non-lossy wav files. Good for the studio, live situations or home.

A new class of product... nice.

Size: 375 (W) x 331 (D) x 110 (H) mm; weight: 4.4 kg

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Korg D888 launch

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Sound on Sound Korg D888 review Oct. 06 (£0.99)

Korg D888 resources

Korg D888 owners manual

Alternatives to the Korg D888

Yamaha AW16G

Fostex MR-8HD

Boss BR-900CD

Korg D1200 MKII

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